Classroom Jobs #2

Title: Assigning Students Jobs Part 2


Subtitle: Louisa dives into what jobs students can have in the classroom.



Louisa continues her discussion on the various jobs she assigns her students in the classroom. Giving students jobs is an excellent way to keep them engaged and interactive while you are providing comprehensible input!


Key Takeaways:

[:50] Every other Monday, students choose new jobs!

[1:10] Louisa asks the students what jobs they had last week in the target language.

[2:10] These job introductions should go quickly.

[2:55] Louisa breaks down what a typical day looks like with these jobs assigned.

[3:55] Every student can be tasked a job, from papers to pens.

[5:20] None of the students is allowed to have his/her backpack underneath the seats.

[6:20] Louisa is incorporating more visuals in the classroom, now that she has a projector!

[8:15] The Spanish vocabulary that Louisa uses in the classroom can easily be used outside of the classroom.

[9:55] Add jobs into your classes, and see the difference they’ll make!


Mentioned in This Episode:




“Every other Monday we choose new jobs.”


“I want this to go quickly. I don’t want to take the entire class period to do it.”


“I really encourage a classroom of helpful participation.”