Which Conference to Attend?

Title: Fantastic CI Conferences to Attend


Subtitle: Dave discusses the various CI conferences you can attend.



Today’s tip is brought you by Dave! Dave’s CI journey started 2.5 years ago. When he read the material online, he knew there were a number of ways to apply it in the classroom. Not sure where to start, Dave dived head first, and started attending CI conferences around the country. Today, he discusses what he learned when he attended Ben Slavic’s training.


Key Takeaways:

[:30] Who is Dave?

[1:00] Dave learned about CI about 2.5 years ago.

[3:20] Dave discusses Ben Slavic’s conference that he attended.

[5:25] When attending Ben’s event for the first time, he learned a lot of philosophy about CI, but still didn’t quite understand how to apply it in the classroom.

[9:30] If you don’t have the funds to go to various conferences, just attend the one that’s nearest to you.

[12:40] Dave is getting ready to attend a Portland conference.


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“Ben Slavic now started a series of intensive trainings, and in his trainings he outlines seven steps of stories.”


“[Ben’s material] is very much all about the students being in a community situation that they feel comfortable with.”


“I’ve seen incredible success in the past year.”