Dustin Talks about MovieTalk (tm)

Title: Quick Tips on Making Movie Talk Successful.


Subtitle: Dustin shares his favorite movie talk tips!



Louisa was able to catch up with Dustin Williamson, who teaches Spanish and French, and get his take on how he teaches movie talk in the classroom. He shares tips and walks us through what he does before movie talk, during, and after! Don’t forget to check out Dustin’s website for more great tips!


Key Takeaways:

[:40] Dustin loves hosting movie talk in his classroom.

[1:20] Movie talk can be applied at all levels.

[1:40] Oftentimes Dustin will do movie talk just before an upcoming vacation.

[2:20] What does Dustin like to do before movie talk?

[3:30] The video is not always the focus, the target language is.

[5:20] Does Dustin have any examples of what a typical movie talk class looks like?

[7:20] What ties a movie talk together? The post viewing sessions! Dustin explains further.

[9:00] Dustin believes he could do a movie talk all year long and his class will still be successful. It is extremely powerful.


Mentioned in This Episode:






“Move talk, for me, has been extremely successful in all of my classes.”


“One of the things I love about movie talk is that it’s so adaptable to all levels.”


“While doing the movie talk, the video is just a means of communication.”