Student Jobs in the CI Classroom

Title: Assigning Students Jobs


Subtitle: When you give students a job to do, it frees up your time as a teacher, too!



Louisa discusses why it’s important that students are assigned jobs while she is teaching in the classroom. There are several different positions Louisa needs filled when a class is in session and she details the process in this week’s episode!


Key Takeaways:

[:45] What kind of students does Louisa have in her classroom?

[1:15] Louisa has 36-38 students seated in groups of 4-5 around the classroom.

[1:35] Louisa has a student assigned as the doorkeeper to keep distractions down to a minimum.

[2:00] One student can also get to be the ‘guest greeter’ for the classroom.

[3:30] So, what does Louisa do with the other students in the room? Well, she has about 20 jobs for them to do!

[5:30] These job ideas, that are from teachers all over the world, Louisa has adopted over time.

[6:45] Louisa has a student that calls on the students. The person who gets called will have to stand and answer the question.

[8:15] After a question has been answered, the class celebrates. This is a great way to keep the students engaged and focused.

[10:40] Louisa does have a ‘word of the day’ to help cover parts of the textbook.

[11:55] Stay tuned next time as Louisa continues this topic!


Mentioned in This Episode:




“The office aide gives a note or a pass to the door monitor, who then brings it to me.”


“The only people that get in [the classroom] are admins or teacher observers.”


“After the teacher greets the students, then she asks them what the day is, to get everybody on the same page.”