How Maylen became Convinced to use CI Techniques

Title: Maylen Loves Comprehensive Input Techniques!


Subtitle: Maylen discusses how she fell in love with CI techniques



Louisa talks with a fellow Spanish-speaking colleague who teaches at a different high school in her district — Maylen! Maylen speaks three different languages, Spanish, English, and French, and at her school, she teaches French to her students. Today, we find out how Maylen discovered CI techniques, and what her educational journey has been like thus far!


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] When was Maylen first introduced to CI methods?

[2:15] Maylen recently attended a CI workshop and it was incredibly engaging!

[2:50] When it comes to the research, Maylen became convinced, when she saw the results by Beniko Mason.

[3:40] Maylen has had pretty limited success with teaching via textbook.

[4:30] Another reason why Maylen likes CI techniques, is because of the reading factor.

[6:00] Maylen recommends you buy books, and develop a unit around the story of that book.

[8:15] How has the CI method changed the way Maylen teaches?

[9:50] Should a teacher wait till next year, to begin incorporating these new CI techniques?

[10:45] Does Maylen open her doors to other teachers so they can watch and learn from her as she teaches? Yes!

[11:25] If you’d like to talk about CI methods, Louisa would be happy to hear from you! Shoot her an email.


Mentioned in This Episode:




“It was very powerful to be introduced not only to the research, but also to see the CI methods in practice.”


“I completely understood how that particular activity and method could really improve the engagement of my students.”


“I was really seeking to stay in the target language more in the classroom.”