Planning a Cultural Unit using Comprehensible Input

Title: Unit Plans for CI Teachers


Subtitle: Unit planning can be just as fun as teaching!



How does Louisa plan for a unit or topic for her classroom? The good thing about Louisa's school is that it is flexible, so Louisa is able to play with some very interesting topics to help get her students engaged. Find out how her students learn about the Camino in Spain, in this quick 10-minute episode!


Key Takeaways:

[:30] How does Louisa plan a unit?

[1:10] Louisa’s classroom topics are pretty flexible.

[2:20] But! There’s a method to Louisa’s madness!

[2:30] Louisa breaks down what this year’s semester looks like.

[3:45] Louisa has walked the Camino in Spain every year for the last five years.

[6:00] There are 35 stages in the Camino; each of Louisa’s students are in charge of one of those stages.

[7:50] Louisa tries to keep this topic fresh for the students.

[9:50] After taking Louisa’s class, some students even find themselves going to Spain and walking the Camino!

[10:00] This is an excellent way to introduce the students to the target language culture.


Mentioned in This Episode:




“I have lots of freedom to teach what I want to teach in my classroom during the year.”


“Sometimes it feels like chaos because it’s all over the place, but there really is a method to my madness.”


“The reason why I’m focused on Spain this semester, is because I walk the Camino in Spain every year.”