Craig Sheehy Talks about 90 Minute Block Periods

Title: What the Layout of a 90-Minute Class Looks Like


Subtitle: Craig explains how he designs his classes each week.



Louisa is currently at a Portland teacher conference and sits down with Craig to get an inside view of how he designs his classes during the week. In this quick interview, Craig discusses how he starts and ends his classes, and how he incorporates CI techniques into his teachings.


Key Takeaways:

[:40] What does a regular week look like in Craig’s classroom?

[1:25] Craig’s classroom lasts around 90 minutes.

[1:30] The class begins by establishing meaning for a select number of words.

[2:15] Craig then asks for hand gestures.

[4:15] Craig tries not to embarrass the students when they don’t know how to respond in the target language.

[5:15] Craig tries to use gestures for each new word.

[6:00] Every time you teach a new word, it sends the student back to the basics where they don’t feel confident in their abilities.

[7:15] Craig tries to keep going until the students look bored.

[9:10] You want to get the student to re-read the new words in new and engaging ways.

[10:25] Craig has been a teacher for the last 11 years and he still hasn’t gotten tired of teaching these techniques!


Mentioned in This Episode:




“It’s an 85-90-minute day. So, a lot of time just to get Spanish into the kid’s heads.”


“I start asking for gestures to get the concepts and the sounds into our bodies.”


“Every time you do new vocabulary, it sends them back to the basics.”