Kristy Placido and Carrie Toth Talk about Novels

Title: Carrie and Kristy on Reading Engaging Novels


Subtitle: Through engaging novels, students can develop a strong connection towards the culture in their target language.



Carrie Toth and Kristy Placido discuss why they felt the need to write their own novels in order to create engaging content for their students. Both teachers were having a hard time finding novels that their students ‘simply couldn’t put down’. Carrie and Kirsty felt as though if the students developed stronger connections with the target cultures, then they’d have more reasons to use their new language outside of the classroom.


Key Takeaways:

[:30] Why did Carrie and Kristy decide to write a novel?

[2:00] The goal is to make your students forget that they’re reading in another language.

[2:35] Trying to connect your students in new and engaging ways, makes them want to use their new language outside of the classroom.

[3:20] When writing a novel for the classroom, it’s also important to ask the students for feedback.

[4:30] What’s Kristy’s new novel about?

[6:30] Why did Carrie write Vector?

[8:05] How does Carrie use novels in her classroom?

[8:55] Kristy writes four novels a year.


Mentioned in This Episode:



Hasta La Sepultura by Kristy Placido

Vector by Carrie Toth




“I get lost in books, but I didn’t feel that way, and neither did my students, about the books I was finding.”


“I love the idea of a story your students don’t want to put down.”


“The goal, in my mind, is you want to make them forget that they’re reading in another language.”