Episode 2 - Teaching Latin Using CI Techniques

Keith Toda is a Latin teacher and discusses some of the techniques he uses in his classroom. Although some might believe Latin is a dead language, it really isn't! Keith teaches around 35 students in his classroom and will soon be transferring to another school that has 5 Latin teaches in it. Listen in for more!


Key Takeaways:

[0:55] What does the first day of school look like in Keith's classroom?

[1:15] How do you create a community in your classroom?

[1:35] Keith talks about the techniques he uses with his students.

[3:00] The goal with Ben Slavic's technique is to establish relationships with children in the class room.

[4:10] Keith's target language is Latin. 

[4:50] Keith usually has about 35 students in his class.

[5:25] There is a growing interest in Latin.

[5:55] When you're teaching grammar-translation, you're only appealing to a certain type of kid.

[6:35] Students can take up to four years of Latin.

[7:25] Keith talks about his blog and why he started it.


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