Episode 1 - Welcome to the First Episode of Teachers That Teach!

Welcome to the first episode of Teachers That Teach! Today, our host Louisa introduces herself and this podcast. You can expect 10 minute episodes each week from Louisa on the subject of how to teach your students using comprehensive input (CI) techniques. For many teachers, they were not taught how to use these methods, but Louisa swears you'll end up enjoying your classes much more as you learn how to use CI effectively. Tune in next week for some great new lessons!

Key Takeaways:

[1:10] This podcast is for teachers who are using CI in their classes right now or for those who want to use it.

[1:35] Who is Louisa and how did she get introduced to CI?

[3:30] What is TRP Storytelling?

[4:10] Louisa hasn't used a textbook in her class for probably 5 years.

[4:40] It's been a struggle.

[5:40] What's happening in Louisa's classroom today?

[6:10] There are many ways you can teach using CI. There is no 'one' right way to do this.

[6:40] By using CI methods in Louisa's classroom, it has made her class so much more fun.

[7:10] Learning a new language should not be painful.

[8:40] However, it's not fun and games all the time. There will be students who don't want to be there.

[9:00] It's all about personalizing the classroom.

[9:40] Stay tuned to next week's podcast!