Stephen Krashen and Tina Hargaden Chat

Title: A Quick 101 Episode on Language Acquisition


Subtitle: Memorizing lots of vocabulary doesn’t work when learning a new language, so what does?



For this quick 7-minute episode, Stephen Krashen and Tina Hargaden join Louisa to discuss the fundamentals of how students acquire a language. Stephen goes into depth as to why the introduction of stories and storytelling is so important towards acquiring a language anyone. It is both Stephen and Tina’s goal to get students more interested and excited about reading books, as this will help them learn a new language quicker.


Key Takeaways:

[0:40] What does the research tell us about language acquisition?

[1:35] Anyone can be successful with language acquisition.

[1:50] We can all do it. There’s no such thing as a ‘language skill’.

[2:00] So, how do we acquire language?

[2:55] To define it simply, we acquire language when we begin to understand what people are saying in a foreign language.

[3:20] At the beginner's level of acquiring a language, it’s based off stories. Students love stories.

[4:30] Even President Obama has been quoted to say that fictional stories make him a more understanding person.

[5:45] It is both Stephen and Tina’s goal to get students excited about reading books.

[6:30] Exposure to books and developing a love for reading, are the secrets to acquiring a new language.


Mentioned in This Episode:




“Life is now easier.”


“Life is more interesting for students, more interesting for teachers. And, guess what -- we’re getting better results.”