Managing a Deskless Classroom

Title: Ways to Manage a Deskless Classroom


Subtitle: How do you keep distracting behavior down to a minimum when there are no desks in the classroom?



Louisa uses this quick 11 minute podcast to discuss how she manages her students in a deskless classroom. Louisa sees about 176 students throughout the day, and it can get tough to manage if you do not have the right systems in place. Listen in to hear Louisa's quick classroom management tips!


Key Takeaways:

[0:40] How do you manage a deskless classroom?

[0:43] Louisa has 176 students throughout the day.

[1:00] How does a deskless classroom work?

[2:30] It's been roughly four years since Louisa hasn't had desks in her classroom.

[2:45] After the fourth week, students are usually past the honeymoon phase.

[4:05] Louisa discusses how she arranges the seats.

[5:20] Everybody has students who are not quite ready for a different style of classroom.

[6:15] Louisa estimates that half of her students did not have a CI class last year. These students take a little more time to get used to how things work.

[8:05] Louisa takes about 30 seconds to welcome parents into the classroom, in Spanish.

[10:35] Tune in next week for Louisa's next tip!


Mentioned in This Episode:




"A deskless classroom works out really well because it's very, very active."


"What I like about not having a desk is that there's no place to hide their hands when they're texting on the phone."


"Most of my students like having no desks and they don't complain about it."