Individual Dictation Activity

Title: Individual Dictation for Students with More Spanish Experience


Subtitle: Louisa has found a quick way to grade her 35-38 student papers.



Last week Louisa explained what she does with her students when it comes to running dictation. This week Louisa discusses how she does individual dictation and sets her students up for an engaging quiz session. Most of her students get a B-range grade in her classroom and Louisa's process to grade each student's quiz is made incredibly easy.


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Louisa discusses how she makes this actively a little more challenging for students who know a bit more Spanish.

[3:45] How does Louisa position 35-38 students in a classroom? How do they sit?

[5:35] Be sure to have enough pens that are black or blue, green and red ink.

[6:50] At the end of this activity, every student has a clipboard, a blue or black pen, and a piece of paper.

[7:20] Make sure the students number their paper! Louisa explains further.

[8:05] Students will have to write what Louisa says on line number one.

[9:50] Students will then do self-corrections on line number two with their red pen.

[11:55] This does take a little bit of time to explain.

[12:35] Louisa reads line number three, which is in green, and corrects her students' mistakes if there are any. This makes grading very easy.

[12:55] If students didn't get a B, they get to redo this test next week. 


Mentioned in This Episode:




“You have to have enough pens that are black or blue ink, another set for green ink, and enough red pens.”


“The red pens are the correction pens and the students do self-corrections.”


“I'm only going to correct what's on line number three, the one written in green.”