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Title: Give Your Students a 'Brain Break' With Annabelle Allen


Subtitle: Keep your students engaged with a quick 30 second brain break throughout the day.



Louisa invites Annabelle “La Maestra Loca” Allen on to the show to help us better understand how to properly introduce and use brain breaks in the classroom. Speaking a foreign language for long periods of time can be very rigorous, no matter what age you are. So, it’s important to include frequent breaks to keep your class engaged and excited throughout the day.


Key Takeaways:

[0:25] What are brain breaks? 

[1:20] How does Annabelle know when the students need a break?

[1:45] Annabelle gives frequent brain breaks to help her classroom keep engaged.

[2:10] What does a typical brain break look like?

[2:50] The brain break can last 30 seconds. They don’t have to be very long breaks.

[4:15] Would giving the students too many breaks distract them from the actual material?

[6:00] Brain breaks are incredibly necessary in breaking up the rigor of an intense class. 

[6:25] Annabelle shares a fun rock–paper–scissors game for the students to do.

[8:00] How does Annabelle handle a student who is reluctant to do a brain break?

[10:05] You don’t want to punish a student for not wanting to be ‘silly’.

[11:15] Annabelle’s final thoughts — She really encourages the frequency of these breaks. The students need it!


Mentioned in This Episode:

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“Brain breaks literally are a break for your brain when you’re in a 2nd language class.”


“If a child looks like they need a brain break, like they’re starting to not respond, you’ve waited too long.”


“Your brain breaks can be 30 seconds.”