Free Voluntary Reading with MIke Peto

Title: Everything You Need to Know About Free Voluntary Reading 


Subtitle: What is free voluntary reading and how can you apply it in the classroom?



Louisa invites Mike Peto on the show to discuss how to incorporate free voluntary reading into the classroom. The point of this particular activity is for students to actively choose their own books and enjoy the act of reading. Each week, Mike allows the students to either switch their book for a new one or continue reading their current book. Mike finds that when students have an invested interest in their books, they tend to enjoy reading a lot more and they usually have an easier time understanding the book’s materials.


Key Takeaways:

[0:35] For this week’s episode, Mike will be talking to us about free voluntary reading.

[1:10] What is free voluntary reading about?

[1:45] The key is that this should not be an activity where you’re quieting the kids down.

[2:14] Where do we get these books?

[3:00] How can you and your students get started in free voluntary reading?

[5:45] What does a typical day look like in Mike’s classroom?

[6:40] You want your students to be intrigued by the book they’re reading.

[6:50] For the first few weeks, Mike was really trying to teach his students to be mindful about which book they want to read.

[6:55] At the end of the day, it’s about what book the students want to read, not what book the teacher wants them to read.

[7:25] When the students finish the book, Mike gives a quick review about that book.

[10:05] Unfortunately, Mike isn’t able to allow the students to take home their books.


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“My students choose a book at the beginning of the week.”


“Every Monday, they’re allowed to either change a book or stay with the book they’re reading.”


“You really want the kids to be intrigued with the book.”