Using "MovieTalk" in the Comprehensible Input Classroom

Title: Using “Movie Talk”™


Subtitle: Let's dive into ways you can effectively teach a class using video.



In this week's episode, Louisa discusses how she incorporates “Movie Talk”™ into her classroom. “Movie Talk”™ is another way to keep the classroom engaged in a novel way. Louisa breaks down what an average Movie Talk™ day looks like for her, using just a simple 3-minute Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial.


Key Takeaways:

[0:30] This week's podcast is all about “Movie Talk” ™!

[0:40] How does Louisa incorporate movies into her classroom?

[1:05] Louisa loves to use a commercial with Darth Vader in it.

[1:35] The goal with this activity is to talk to the students, not to get to the end of the movie.

[3:20] Louisa reestablishes meaning for the words the classroom has already worked on days prior before putting on the movie.

[4:00] Louisa breaks down step-by-step how she uses the movie to help the students comprehend the input.

[10:05] After about 20 minutes of describing what's in the movie and how it relates to the students, Louisa stops the movie before it gets to the end.

[10:50] She uses the movie as a jumping off point into reading.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Darth Vader Commercial

Dr. Ashley Hastings




"The goal in movie talk is not to get to the end of the movie, the goal with Movie Talk™ is to talk to the students."


"The idea is to connect what they see in the video to themselves."


"After about 20 minutes of talking about what we see in the video, we stop, because I don't want them to see the end of the video quite yet."