Episode 3 - Setting the Expectation Through Classroom Rules

Today's quick episode dives right in on how to setup the proper expectation in the classroom by using rules. Although Louisa is a Spanish teacher, her rules are listed on a poster in English so that every student is well aware of what is expected of them. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Let's talk on how to setup rules in the classroom. 

[2:10] Louisa is at the door every single day greeting her students.

[2:35] There's a poster in the room that lists the rules in the classroom. Louisa talks to her students about each rule. 

[3:25] Although Louisa teaches in Spanish, the rules are listed in English. 

[3:50] Louisa's first rule is to listen with the intent to understand. What does she mean by this?

[6:15] The rules set the tone for the classroom. 

[10:00] Louisa doesn't want any confusion at all with her students. She makes her classroom more welcoming for questions through the listed rules. 

[11:50] What does Louisa mean by 'do your 50%'?

[13:15] Louisa used some of Ben Slavic's rules and adapted them to her classroom. 

[13:25] You need to set the rules and then follow them and enforce them. 


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