5 Steps toward doing “Movie talk”

1. Prior vocabulary that has been introduced:  has, wants, thinks that

2. I have “YouTube Downloader” on my computer so that I do not have to have an internet connection when I want to show the video

3. I chose the 2011 Super Bowl commercial, “The Force” by Volkswagen which I downloaded from YouTube

4. The goal for me, in my classes, is to use the images in the movie to help make our in-class discussion comprehensible. I really want to get to know the students and to find out about their families, etc. This video focuses on a young boy who walks around his house pretending he has “the force”. I ask the class if anyone has a little brother or sister…pointing out that the “ito” on the end of “hermano” tells us that it is “little”. I am also able to insert some adjectives to describe one’s character/self, that we have been learning by asking questions such as, “Is your little brother nice or mischievous?”

5. I also have laminated several rejoinder posters along with key words for my students to stand and blurt out the English every time they hear the Spanish word: ie. tiene (has) hay (there is).  This forces me to go slowly and helps to remind students to use their resources.