I use this activity to reinforce reading but it really is a: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing activity all in one! This is how I set the activity up:

  1. I let the students choose their partners, usually in groups of three. (I have found that if I let them choose their own partners, they are more likely to be tolerant of each others’ proficiency level)
  2. They must move their chairs into a triangle so that their knees are all just about to touch. (This keeps their feet inside and away from the running paths so as to avoid tripping people)
  3. Each group gets one clipboard, one pen, and one piece of paper
  4. One person is the Writer, one is the Runner, and the other student is the Helper.
  5. Each member of the group MUST do each of the activities at least once
  6. There are 4 posters hanging on the wall outside of the classroom, in the hallway because there are 4 sentences
  7. The first writer divides the paper into four squares and writes his/her name at the top of the first square
  8. Runner number 1 walks quickly outside and reads one of the sentences hanging on the wall, comes back inside without writing anything down (or taking a photo), and tells his/her group members what he/she read
  9. The group listens and the Writer writes down what the Runner reports and the Helper listens and assists
  10. The Runner can go back out multiple times to get the sentence finished….