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I am a high school Spanish teacher in lovely Southern California. I started teaching with a textbook over 15 years ago and my students were miserable! After attending a Blaine Ray workshop about TPRS  (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) I jumped in and started trying to use it...but it was difficult. Now, there are websites, blogs, books, novels and workshops where you can get help in learning how to teach with Comprehensible Input.

This podcast is not affiliated with any school, district, or public entity. All ideas and suggestions are meant as just that...ideas and suggestions to help the teacher and student learn about what I am doing in my Spanish classroom.

There is no one right way to do "Comprehensible Input". This podcast is not endorsed nor promoted by Blaine Ray Workshops, nor by any other trade-marked product or company.

All opinions are my own...all content is strictly meant to be used as entertainment. If any of it helps teachers have a happier day, then these efforts will have been well worth the time and energy I have lovingly spent in creating the podcast and website.

Happy teaching, happy students :)